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For top quality products for all your painting and decorating needs, look to the Dynamic brand. From specialty paint brushes, rollers , Enviro-Paintware and faux finish applicators to wallpaper tools and accessories, Dynamic products come in do-it-yourself or professional contractor grades for the best in quality, innovation and value.

Small Black Tray

  • Conveniently sized tray that is useable with any size mini roller, any brush
  • Gently sloped firm grid and long tray well make for easy and even loading
  • Matching liner available
  • Supported base all-around for use off of a floor or countertop

Other Trays and Liners

  • We also offer 3 sizes of metal paint trays and the accompanying liners
  • We also offer many sizes of plastic trays ranging from small trays for trim and small surface jobs to large floor trays each with liner available

Plastic Roller Tray

  • Size: 457mm (18") / 10L (2.6 Gal)


  • Made out of recycled pop bottles
  • Overall design makes it an all in one product - strong enough to be a tray by itself
  • no liner needed, less expensive than any similar sized tray, cost makes it an affordable and disposable item
  • Features a strongly supported grid
  • Available Sizes: 9 1/2" and 4"

Pro 212 Wallcovering Adhesive

  • This is our best value adhesive because of the variety of paper products it will work with and because of it's useability on virtually any surface type
  • Highly refined for those delicate and difficult to hang papers yet, when used at full strength, it will hang very heavy vinyls
  • Mildew resistant, dries clear and easy cleanup


Other Adhesives

  • 209 Heavy Duty Clay Strippable - maximum wet tack for holding the heaviest papers and perfect for la
  • 620 Border - specifically designed to hang pre-pasted and unpasted borders over wallpapers of all kin
  • 630 Vinyl over Vinyl - exactly what it says: New vinyl over existing vinyl. High tack and low moisture
  • 208 Clear - regular duty adhesive that has a high wet tack and good adhesive properties. Contractors love this one!

Methyl Hydrate - among the many options available, ours is guaranteed pure

  • Used to thin shellac, as a windshield washer anti-freeze and is an excellent fuel that burns smokeless for alcohol stoves
  • Available in 500ml (pint), 1L (quart), 3.78L (gallon)

Paint thinner - a general purpose cleaning solvent with ours being first grade

  • Thins most paints, works as a good brush cleaner, spot remover and degreaser
  • Works on dry paint, but the sooner you get your equipment in it, the better.

Concentrate Eco-TSP Substitute

  • Phosphate Free Paint Prep
  • EnvironmentallySafe Degreaser
  • Biodegradable Surfactants
  • No rinsing - saves time!

Acetone - a multi purpose solvent with many diverse uses

  • A fiberglass cleaning solvent, a remover of most old adhesives, a leather deglazer and an effective solvent to thin most lacquers
  • Available in 500ml (pint), 1L (quart), 3.78L (gallon)

Liquid Sandpaper

  • Will 'degloss' most shiny surfaces to make paints, varnishes and wallpapers bond properly
  • Removes grease, dirt and grime
  • Available in 500ml (pint) and 1L (quart) sizes

Muriatic Acid

  • Cleans, etches and descales new or painted concrete surfaces
  • Will remove rust and other surface contaminants from steel
  • Adjusts the pH level in pools and hot tubs


  • A 100% cotton weave cloth that is very versatile because of all of it's uses - for staining, refinishing or antiquing furniture, polishing and dusting, washing, as a strainer for paints and food products, cooking, for faux finish techniques like ragging, marbling and so much more
  • 2.7m x 84cm (3yd x 33 1/2")
  • Can be folded to any needed shape, used full size or cut to desired dimension

Tack Cloth

  • Looking for a product to clean up a surface thoroughly that is dusty and dirty or that has just been sanded? Cloth is your answer!
  • Removes dirt, household dust, sanding residue and anything else on any surface with no fear of a leaving behind a harmful residue of any kind
  • Contain no wax or silicone and will not dry out or harden


  • Seafoam sponge - for use as an imitation to a Natural Sea Sponge in décor projects and for use as a wallpapering tool - clean up excess water and/or adhesive and to smooth out the surface
  • Stipple sponge - specifically designed to create a textured effect on damp stipple applied to ceilings or walls or can be used to create effects in glazed surfaces or in Venetian Plasters
  • Household sponges - 4 sizes of dense sponges for general cleaning and washing or any surface inside or out

Tile & Grout Cleaner

  • Water based cleaner that removes most stains and restores basic whiteness
  • Non-flammable formula
  • Convenient pump spray bottle - 500ml size


  • 10pks or 100pks of multi purpose wipes that are gentle enough to use to clean your hands or wipe down surfaces without damaging the finish while, at the same time, strong enough to clean off fresh paint, inks, tar, dirt, grime, resins and grease from almost any surface
  • Package has convenient resealable flap to keep the wipes moist and ready
  • Reusable for other projects, or just general household cleaning


  • One of the most common general purpose cleaners on the market
  • Simply mixes with tap water and can be used to clean walls and other surfaces of general household grime and dirt, grease and other common contaminants
  • Common painting prep cleaner

Other Cleaning Products

  • Brooms - Palmyra bristle for heavy sweeping and for rough surfaces due to it's stiffness and strength / Grey Flagged for finer sweeping of dust etc on smooth surfaces / bracekit available also
  • Kwik Clean - will remove many paints and stains from brushes and rollers - even ones that are harden

N95 Particulate Respirators

  • Our best mask in terms of safety rating
  • Very comfortable to wear for long periods of time and easy to breathe through
  • Adjustable straps for more adaptable fit, added safety and comfort
  • Comes in carded 2pk or bulk packs of 10

Terylene Dust Masks

  • Features of our other dust masks include: rounded edges for comfort; adjustable nose piece and; a better fit than ordinary dust masks
  • Many available sizes, shipped in 3pks or a 25pk bulk option

Brush and Roller Spinner

  • A device that you can attach any brush or roller refill to that allows you to spin all of the excess paint right out of your paint tool
  • Having this at your disposal could save you the cost of paint brushes and rollers for just one good size job and then you can use it again and again and the savings just pile up from there
  • One of the most common tools you will find in the van of any paint pro - they would never be without a spinner

Cutting Edge Painting Tool

  • Eliminates ladders and taping
  • Includes: Comfort grip handle and 2 Rollerbrush™ Sleeves - 75mm (3”)
  • Paint next to trim or ceilings - without a brush!

Cutting Edge Painting Tool with Adjustable Handle

  • Eliminates ladders and taping
  • Includes: 12 Position Adjustable Handle and 2 Rollerbrush™ Sleeves - 75mm (3”)
  • Paint next to trim or ceilings - without a brush!

Mohair Mini Refills

  • Useable with most latex and oil based enamels, varnishes and urethanes like melamine paints
  • Perfect for walls, cupboards, doors, cabinets, furniture, shelving and other smooth surfaces as well
  • Results in virtual "sprayed on' finish without the expense of using a machine
  • Available in 100mm (4") and 150mm (6") widths - 2 packs and 12 packs
  • Will fit any standard mini roller handle - Dynamic has 12", 16" and 24" long handles to choose from

Painter's Mitt

  • Ideal for painting poles, pipes and hard-to-reach spots
  • Great for washing cars

Lambskin Floor Applicator

  • Natural lambskin for applying oil based urethanes and stains, seal or wax to large areas
  • Leaves a smooth and even finish
  • Also available - 10" and 16" lint free pads (more suited to water based polyurethanes and finishes)

DynaPatch Regular

  • Bonds strongly to almost any surface and this feature, in conjunction with it's heavy duty nature, means that it will not sag or shrink
  • Goes on smooth and dries the same way meaning that any sanding needed is easy and quick
  • A heavy bodied filler that is useable inside or out for large and small filling needs alike
  • Ready-to-use product that cleans up with soap and water